Art Director (Digital)

Hong Kong


What you do

As the UX / UI specialist in the creative team, your main responsibility is to translate client needs into awesome digital experiences that blow our clients and their users away, and make our competitors wish they thought of them.


A natural at transforming complexity into compelling simplicity, you’ll get to work end-to-end on a wide range of projects for clients in an equally wide range of industries. You could be working with the research team on candidate experience journey maps for a leading biopharmaceuticals company, or creating user personas and presenting recommendations to clients for a leading fashion retail brand. The next day you could be developing site IA and putting together user-stories and wireframes for one of the world’s largest automotive groups, before producing high-fidelity prototypes and working with the development team to bring your designs to life for a global chemical company.


At seven-strong, our creative team is relatively small, so this is a role for people who identify as hybrids. In addition to your primary responsibilities, there’s also a solid chance that you’ll be helping out on digital marketing campaigns for programmatic media and social channels.  


Who you are

You’re fluent in English but Cantonese & Mandarin are a definite bonus. With about 3-5 years of experience, you’ve built up a solid portfolio of work that you’re happy to put your name to. You like being hands-on. And you stay up to date with what’s going on because this is the kind of stuff that you geek out over, anyway. 


You know and love your craft, so you know how to use design software like Adobe Creative Suite and Sketch, and so on – and have a decent understanding of how code works – but you also believe that in the end it’s the idea and the thinking, and the ability to really understand what drives human behaviour that counts. 


What we offer

You get to work in a fancy office with people you might even consider spending time with outside of work. You get a salary and benefits package that makes you feel like you’re not wasting your time. You get a relatively high level of autonomy and freedom in your role. Provided you’re crushing it, nobody is going to ask too many questions. There might be the odd bit of travel in it, too. But really, the main opportunity is the chance to think up cool ideas for big brands and play a hands-on role in bringing them to life.

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