Philippe Mesnildrey

Director, Product Strategy, atalent

Philippe Mesnildrey - Maximum Recruitment Marketing Group - Employer Branding

Born and raised in Paris, Philippe graduated and stepped into advertising while still organising and DJing events in the city. Having gained experience at TBWA & Havas for clients such as Center Parcs, Aigle, TGV Lyria, and Afflelou, Philippe decided to go backpacking on the other side of the globe. Here, he learnt new languages, other ways to live life, and became a cowboy, teacher and builder. Bringing back home tonnes of tales and Facebook friends, he worked at the London Olympics before starting his own digital ad agency. Three years later and after a move to Shanghai, he now dedicates his life to Chinese martial arts and meditation, and accelerating the product delivery process for Maximum's development partner, atalent.

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