Ricky Bernardo

Associate Creative Director

An experienced art director, Ricky is a Graphic Design graduate from Nottingham Trent University who got his Diploma in Arts and Design at The University of the West of England. He joined Hogarth & Ogilvy in 2014 to manage their creative output for social content, help reinvent their offices within the region, and participate in ideation with Ogilvy Creative teams for pitches. A strong conceptual thinker, visual and strategically focused designer with leadership qualities, Ricky led real-time content publishing for Huawei at Mobile World Conference, a first for the Ogilvy Group. He has also worked the gamut of clients (AIA, Standard Chartered, Shangri-La, Ford, Huawei, Somersby, Cadbury, Morgan Stanley and Carrefour to name a few), and although his skill set is vast, Ricky is constantly looking to deliver the most effective creative solutions to his clients and their audiences, when he’s not cooking or updating his English fantasy football team.

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