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What employees say about you on sites like Glassdoor has a big impact on your employer brand. And with over 3 million monthly visitors in Singapore alone, Glassdoor outstrips the reach of every career site. Yours included.

The weight of reviews

86% of job seekers trust these reviews, trusting them over a CEO’s words. These opinions, fair or not, shape your brand.

Take control

By staying passive on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed, you’re letting others dictate your reputation. Don’t risk the wrong narrative. Build your employer brand where the conversation is happening.

Enhance your employer brand reputation and drive results.

Claim your company profile
1. Claim your company profile.

Company pages are generated when employees leave reviews. Despite not being your creation, they shape a jobseeker’s impression. And so the first step in managing your reputation effectively is always to take control of your company page, and fill it with a relevant, compelling company introduction.

Actively manage your reviews
2. Actively manage your reviews.

Actively managed profiles perform better than inactive profiles – 75% of jobseekers agree. Responding to reviews shows your audience that you are active and attentive. Open, thoughtful replies to negative reviews can reduce the likelihood of those comments being repeated.

Optimise your job descriptions
3. Optimise your job descriptions.

Job descriptions play a pivotal role in a candidate’s journey, influencing their decision to apply or not. The right title, length, tone, role details, and benefits can attract more of the right candidates to apply - in some cases by as much as 40%.

Publish your company stories
4. Publish your company stories.

Indeed and Glassdoor buzz with chatter about your company. With over 67 million unique monthly visitors, it’s critical that these platforms are part of your social content strategy. Authentic, thoughtful updates about certain themes addressed in employee reviews keep your narrative relevant and resonant.

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Start building your brand the right way with our free employer brand health report. This detailed analysis equips you with a comprehensive evaluation of your presence against two competitors. From 26 laser-focused questions across 4 categories, you’ll gain rich insight into your current position, learn how to improve it and make investments that create the right impact. Did we mention it’s completely free?

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Maximum x Glassdoor + Indeed: Closing the gap between what you want to do and what you can do

At Maximum, we recognise that for many Employer Brand teams, best practices and working reality are often at odds. Budget constraints, resource limitations, and the many complexities of life within a large organisation means that much of the time, it’s a question of balancing competing needs, prioritising, and making trade-offs. This is exactly why we have partnered with Glassdoor and Indeed. Together, we’re best placed to maximise the ROI of your investment. Focused insights. Targeted solutions. All delivered where it can make the most impact — two of the world’s leading job portals.