What we do matters, right?

We all want to do cool stuff. Make cool things. With people we dig and who dig us back. We all want to feel like we’re doing something useful. And making ourselves better in the process. We all want to make something better than when we found it. Right? Well, that’s what Maximum is all about.

We’re a marketing and design consultancy that helps brands to attract, hire and retain more of the right people. So that more people feel like they’re doing more cool stuff and making more cool things. With more people they dig and more people who dig them back. So that there are more people leaving more things better than when they found them. And then maybe life gets a bit better and a bit more fun for everyone.

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We’re a close knit-team split across Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore. Teamwork at Maximum is all about semi-autonomous groups of ‘T-shaped’ people – specialists with deep skills in one area and the ability to collaborate broadly across a wider range of disciplines. This helps to ensure that projects and clients are getting the right expertise and advice. We can all do our bit – but we all understand each other as well. Most of the time.

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