A new kind of employer branding agency

The year is 1999. Four people get together in the Netherlands with a desire to create a new kind of employer branding agency. One that knows how to reach and connect with audiences to help clients have more direct and meaningful relationships with talent. One that puts technology next to creativity at its core. One that understands the new rules of engagement and what they mean for employers and employees. Maximum was born. They attracted wonderful like-minded people, won great clients, collected awards along the way and became the largest employer branding and recruitment agency in the Netherlands.

The new battleground in the war for talent

The year is 2007. In most parts of Asia, aging populations are starting creating exoduses of expertise and experience from companies across all sectors. Economies are starting shifting from manufacturing to services and from export to internal consumption. Fuelled by optimism, long term positive economic forecasts, and children who enjoyed better education than their parents ever dreamt of, previously ‘emerging’ countries would become ‘young mature’ nations with booming jobs markets. And slowly but surely companies were beginning experiencing something very new: competition to attract and retain the best people.

Following extensive research into the demographics and labour markets in Asia, Maximum decided to open an office in the epicentre of change in Asia: Shanghai. With commitment to each other, our clients and by challenging ourselves to push boundaries and explore new possibilities, we grew to becoming the leading employer branding agency in Asia (by far) with more than 40 amazing people working out of our three offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore. Today, ten years after we have started in China, we can proudly say that we have the largest agency footprint in Asia. And with our global connections, our ‘Maximum-sister’ in the Netherlands and our network partners of One Agent, we ensure we have the world covered and not only work for domestic companies in more than 10 countries in Asia, but also for multinational brands who understand that if you haven’t covered Asia, you might lose the rest of the world too.

Diversity in unity

There are about 40 of us. We represent 13 cultures: Chinese, Hong Kongese, Singaporean, South Korean, American, British, Dutch, Belgium, French, Italian, Turkish, Russian and Azerbaijan. Together we write, read and speak 19 languages – fluently: English, Mandarin, 5 Chinese dialects, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, Tagalog, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Dutch and even Flemish. Our ages range from 23 to 53. We welcome new talent almost every month, and our longest, Maximum Asia’s founders Ed Barzilaij and Emile Mac Gillavry, have been with the agency since its inception in 2007. And the unity in this tremendous diversity? Commitment to Maximum and delivering employment marketing solutions that make a measurable positive difference for its clients.

But it’s easy to talk the talk. We’d rather show you how we walk the walk.

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T-shaped talent

Back in the era of print, strategists, art directors, copywriters, account managers and media planners/buyers were enough. But now, digital designers and developers, information architects, user experience professionals, social experts and content managers are just as crucial. That is why we have all these experts in-house and can deploy them in all markets, making Maximum an integrated specialist agency that delivers integrated specialist solutions for employers.

More than simply combining different specialisms, integration at Maximum is the orchestration of a group of ‘T-shaped people’ who have deep skills in one area and collaborate broadly across disciplines, working with our clients to engage with their audiences across all media channels – innovatively, passionately, efficiently, effectively.

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