Ronald te Loo



Ronald te Loo is a renowned economist who first made his mark internationally when he established the European education consultancy practice of Arthur Andersen, developing solutions for clients in Singapore, the USA, UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Denmark, Russia and the Netherlands. Ronald was a member of the firm’s global education market leadership team. In 2002 Ronald found his own consultancy, Organise to Learn, that focussed on strategy, finance and operational excellence in the education market, and which he sold in 2012. One of his key achievement was the establishment of ‘the school of the future’, one of the most influential educational innovations. Aside from consulting, Ronald has been a non-executive director for the World Trade Center Rotterdam, as well as several start-ups at the request of investment companies and universities. Together with his exceptional strategic financial skills, Ronald’s education market expertise and reputation is invaluable to Maximum’s clients.

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