Celebrating 10 years of employer branding in Asia

Photo of Ed Barzilaij

Ed Barzilaij

Founder, Shareholder, and Special Advisor to the Board

The year is 2007. In most parts of Asia, aging populations are starting to create exoduses of expertise and experience from companies across all sectors. 

Economies are starting shifting from manufacturing to services and from export to internal consumption. Fuelled by optimism, long term positive economic forecasts, and children who enjoyed better education than their parents had ever dreamt of, previously ‘emerging’ countries would become ‘young mature’ nations with booming jobs markets. And slowly but surely, companies began experiencing something very new: competition to attract and retain the best people.


Where it all began. Maximum Shanghai, 2007

Following extensive research into the demographics and labour markets in Asia, Maximum opened their first office on 4th November 2007 in the epicentre of change in Asia: Shanghai. With commitment to each other, our clients and by challenging ourselves to push boundaries and explore new possibilities, we grew and became the leading employer branding agency in Asia with more than 40 people working out of our three offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore. 


Maximum Hong Kong, 2017

Today, ten years since planting our roots in China, we can proudly say that we have the largest agency footprint in Asia. And with our global connections, our ‘Maximum-sister’ in the Netherlands and our network partner One Agent, we ensure that we have the world covered and not only work for domestic companies in more than 10 countries in Asia, but also for multinational brands who understand that if you haven’t covered Asia, you might lose the rest of the world too.

3 offices. One team. And that's a lot of steak.
Photo of Ed Barzilaij

Ed Barzilaij

Founder, Shareholder, and Special Advisor to the Board

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“Celebrating 10 years of employer branding in Asia”

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