Research Manager / Director

Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore

Solve problems by asking ‘Why’
Curious and inquisitive by nature, you’re at the forefront of Maximum’s projects – discovering challenges, identifying problems and finding the deep insights that inform our solutions. Working closely with Maximum account teams and clients, you identify and understand business challenges and provide strategic, data-driven research approaches that will uncover the right answers to the right questions. 

Own your work end-to-end
You manage all aspects of the research project: writing proposals, drafting discussion guides, leading field studies like focus groups, interviews and workshops; analyzing and interpreting data, and presenting and sharing research findings with stakeholders at all levels.  

Part of a multidisciplinary team
And although you get to control and direct your work, that doesn’t mean you work in isolation. Far from it. You’ll be working closely with client service teams and clients to define the scope of work and research methodology, and with strategists and creatives to help inform and shape solutions. 

Enough variety to keep things interesting 
You’ll be working with clients across a wide range of industries, sectors and regions, with a mix of research methods. One morning, you could be finding secondary research about the logistics industry, and conducting interviews with engineering employees from Germany in the afternoon. The next day you might be at a client’s office presenting research findings or travelling to Shanghai to conduct some focus group discussions. Another day you might be evaluating new research technology tools, or working with the strategy team to explore ways to improve methodologies.  

Who you are 
When you see a problem, you know the right questions to ask. Strategic, curious and analytical, you like to make sense of things and search for proof that validates the truth. You’ve got a Bachelors or even a Masters degree in Marketing, Communication, Psychology, HR or another relevant field. With about 3-5 years’ experience, you’ve developed a good understanding of various research methodologies and confidence in conducting field research with a diverse mix of audiences. And you like stay up to date with new research tools and solutions to improve and challenge the status quo because you believe things can always be better. 

You’re fluent in English, and ideally business proficient or even fluent in another language, too. You have excellent communication and writing skills. And although you have an indepth knowledge of software like Excell, Powerpoint, Tableau etc. what you really like is transforming complex information into simple, beautifully visualized bite-size insights that tell a convincing story.   

Who we are: Asia’s leading employer branding agency 
At Maximum, we’re driven by a single simple belief: that the real creation of value for an organisation comes from one source: its people. For an organisation to truly thrive, human capital must be managed as effectively as financial capital.

And so at Maximum, we deliver brand consulting and communication design services for our clients to ensure that their talent plans deliver on their organisation’s business goals. We do that by creating brand-led, data-driven, people-centric solutions that make their brand more meaningful to candidates and employees. We do that through three core services. 
Employer branding: Finding the why
We help our clients identify the things that make their brand a great place to work and come up with cool ways to bring that story to life. 

Candidate experience: Communication that converts 
We help our clients optimise their candidate journey, with compelling campaigns and solutions that enable them to attract the right talent faster. 

Employee experience: Deepening the connection
We help our clients to deliver inclusive, meaningful experiences that enable their employees to form a richer connection with their brand. 

And so as a member of the research team, you provide the critical intelligence and insight that make those services effective for our clients, and gratifying for the agency.  

What we offer 

  • Healthcare 
  • Travel insurance for overseas business trips
  • High autonomy and freedom in your role, with support as and when you need it 
  • Casual, informal office culture
  • Flexible working arrangements as per your needs
  • Work/Life balance is generally good – we’re not like a 4A’s agency that way  
  • Opportunities to travel, meet and work alongside people from different parts of the world   

But really, the main opportunity is the chance to do hands-on research that explores the things driving human behavior at the heart of two big questions: Why do companies exist? And why would someone want to work there?  

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“Career at Maximum: Research Manager / Director”

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